Exclusivity and style create unforgettable moments in time.

Classy Hire, situated on the picturesque Morgenzon Estate in Paarl, originated in 1992 when Elise Bruwer and her daughter started to experiment with candle making. Classy Candle Hire evolved from exclusive candle hire, to the hiring of everything exclusive.

Classy Hire is a treasure trove of fabulous finds to make your event or wedding memorable, from especially woven tablecloths, imported pewter candle sticks to fragile and rare crockery sets. Effortless elegance, creative ideas, gorgeous designs and a driving passion for their trade are the corner stones of this hiring company’s philosophy. Old world glamour creates magical impressions for extraordinary occasions.

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Classy Hire: The best function decor specialists

Classy Hire is a function decor specialist based in South Africa. We have a wide range of exclusive products that are fit for different kinds of occasions. Our shop is known for its elegant pieces, creative ideas and strong passion for the trade. Uncover more about us here:

Classy Hire: Then and now

Situated in the Morgenzon Estate in Paarl, Classy Hire was established in 1992. Everything began when our founder Elise Bruwer and her daughter started to experiment with making candles. As a result, Classy Hire became a popular candle business in the country. With its phenomenal success, it expanded and created more exclusive products for our loyal customers.

Why choose Classy Hire?

Find everything you need for the event here at Classy Hire. With our products, your special occasion will instantly become a high-class function with a good sense of style. Here are some of the benefits you can get from choosing us:

  • Lots of beautiful options

Our extensive list of products found on the ‘catalogue’ section of our website is proof of the hard work of our people. With years of practice and experience, we came up with items that are fit for different functions. Aside from events, our decors can also be used for your home if you want.

  • Seamless transaction

With a simple click, you can instantly have your order shipped to your place. All you have to do is add your chosen item to the shopping cart then specify the quantity of each one. You can also talk with our expert consultant for a comprehensive quote for your chosen products. Contact us through our website or email for more information.

Three elements every event needs

Any kind of event needs a set of decorations to make it more memorable and beautiful. This does not only involve choosing a colour scheme but also picking various elements to place in different corners of the room. The three most important components every event needs are as follows:

  • Flower decorations

A lovely flower arrangement can make any event more special especially for once in a lifetime gatherings like weddings. This should be pleasing to the eye and complements the overall theme for the occasion. With this beautiful decoration, people’s moods will instantly perk up and the entire venue will light up.

  • Table design

Most events like weddings require the guests to sit for long periods at their tables so it’s important that they stay comfortable throughout the program. Choose a beautiful table design that can catch their interest and they will surely appreciate your attention to detail. Don’t overlook the importance of having simple designs such as clean linens and cosy chair coverings.

  • Lighting

Set the mood of the party with the perfect lighting. The lightning depends on what is currently happening in the event. For example, if it’s a part where someone is talking, all the lights should be in full blast. Meanwhile, if it’s a dance segment, there could be spotlights on the dance floor to highlight the performers.