Choosing the perfect cake stand for your events

Any event is best celebrated with a cake. With an appealing cake, people are made more aware of the celebration. Some people prefer having simple cakes while some go all out to make their cake stand out at their party. Regardless of how simple or lavish it may be, people love keeping a special place to display their cake.

Using a cake stand is ideal as it provides more support to your cake while adding some aesthetics to your event. This adds decency and presentation as it elevates the cake, making it safer from being accidentally toppled over, especially if it’s tiered.

Classy Hire is all about making your events more memorable and presentable. Given that there are countless cake stands to choose from, it can be overwhelming to choose one that will look best. If you have no idea about what to choose, here are some tips you can follow.

Choose an appropriate size 

Knowing the size of your cake also means that you should consider the size of the cake board it comes with. The dimensions of the cake board give you an idea about how big your cake stand should be. 

Preferably, your cake stand should be wider than the cake board. It should also not be too narrow. Make sure that there is enough extra space so that it will be magnificent to look at. 

Know the cake stand’s weight capacity 

Your cake stand is more than just an embellishment as it functions as a sturdy base for your cake. If your cake is tiered, make sure to choose a cake stand that will be sturdy enough to keep it in place. 

Always consider the quality that is used to make the cake stand. As much as you may want to save some money, it’s not ideal to settle for a cheap cake stand that may cause you problems. You may try placing some books on your cake stand to see how well it can withstand the weight. 

Consider the colour scheme

There are many beautiful cake stands and some of them can really be fancy. As beautiful as they may seem, you wouldn’t want the stand to overpower the cake. Choosing a cake stand also means that you should choose the colour scheme of the cake and make sure that it will match the stand. For example, don’t place a pastel-coloured cake on a black cake stand to avoid contrast. 

For best results, you may opt for simple cake stands that can harmonize with your party theme. One great example of this would be using a wooden cake platform for a rustic-themed party. This will make your party look more sophisticated and well-thought-out. 

These are just some tips you can apply when choosing the best cake stand for your party. Applying these Classy Hire tips, your loved ones will surely be impressed by how well your cake can shine in the spotlight! 

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