A full look at Classy Hire’s catalogue

Online shopping is now the best way to relieve some stress and at the same time the convenient method to get whatever you need with a few clicks and taps of your fingers. Compared to going through different stores, you can find whatever you need here at Classy Hire. With our extensive catalogue, you will find yourself in immense joy while exploring all your options in one place. Want to know about us and our products? Look at what we have to offer below:

Classy Hire’s treasure trove

Everything you need today can be found here at Class Hire, whether it’s for special occasions or decors for your home. It’s always a fun shopping experience with us, the best function decor specialists. Scour through our beautiful collection of items here:

Antique Silver

Collect the most sophisticated antique silver items that are perfect for table decorations here at Class Hire. All of these are authentic pieces that were designed by our master craftsman. We have various designs that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Additionally, these are all durable so it’s a worthy investment for your family. Some items under this section include:

  • Antique silver tray
  • Mabibuch Hurricane
  • Minki rectangular vase
  • Silver antique bowl
  • Silver antique lid
  • Silver antique buckets
  • Silver antique coasters
  • Silver antique goblets
  • Silver antique teapots.

Black and Smoked

Apart from silver-coloured items, we also have black and smoked products in our product list. These feature a sleek finish that is perfect for minimalist themes. Browse through the options listed below:

  • Black base with mirror
  • Black bubble vase
  • Black carafe
  • Black cylinder
  • Black flutes
  • Black ice bucket
  • Black Kehl vase.

Cake Stands

Comfortably put your beautiful cakes in a perfect stand to make the treat stand out. This also elevates the dessert and makes it easily seen by your guests. Choose from any of these available items:

  • Cake stand 3-tier
  • Cake stand antique gold
  • Cake stand antique silver
  • Cake stand gold single stem
  • Cake stand Indian round
  • Cake stand Indian square
  • Cake stand rose gold
  • Cake stand rustic 2-tier.


Candles are the first products that were made by Classy Hire’s founders. It was our bread and butter for the first few years into the business until we eventually expanded to other kinds of items. Our best lineup of candles can be found here:

  • Ball candles
  • Pillar candles
  • Square candles
  • Various candles.

Candle Holders

Aside from candles, we are also known for our quaint candle holders. They are our speciality so rest assured that all of these items are unique and of high quality:

  • Basket candle holder
  • Beaded crystal ball
  • Big coaster
  • Big curly stand
  • Black and silver tulip
  • Candelabra black 5 burner
  • Candelabra crystal 3 arm
  • Candelabra crystal 5 arm burner
  • Candelabra glass
  • Candelabra gold 5 burner
  • Candelabra Indian 5 burner.

Cement and Ceramic

Products that are made of cement and ceramic are perfect for various purposes. They can serve as a good decor in your home or a great statement on big occasions. Find the best one for you by checking out this list:

  • Angel vase
  • Candleholder cement
  • Candleholder cement and glass
  • Cement curly oval bowl
  • Cement cylinder
  • Cement round bowl
  • Cement square.


Want a comfortable but eccentric chair for your home? Here are some options that you can consider:

  • Black cocktail chair
  • Chinese chair
  • Clear phoenix chair
  • Fruitwood tiffany chair
  • Rustic chair
  • White phoenix chair
  • Wimbledon chair.

Coloured glass

Coloured glass items are known for their transparent appearance which easily blends well in any kind of occasion like family dinners. It’s a popular vintage item that is loved by many collectors. Select the one most suitable for your preferences by looking through this list:

  • Amber Ikea
  • Blue glass
  • Blue Ikea
  • Blue round vase
  • Blue square vase
  • Frosted salad bowl
  • Glass square green
  • Glass square pink
  • Green glass goblet.


Delftware is a form of pottery that originated in the Netherlands. This features tin-glazed earthenware with blue and white hues. That’s why it’s sometimes called ‘Delft Blue’. Some of the delft-inspired items you can explore here at Classy Hire are as follows:

  • Delft bowls
  • Delft vases
  • Delft jars.


Apart from table decorations, we also have various pieces of furniture that you can put in your living room or dining area. Explore these vintage items below:

  • Black cocktail table
  • Black plinth
  • White Chinese table
  • White cocktail table
  • White coffee table
  • White detailed plinth
  • Wood counter.


If you prefer clear glass designs rather than coloured glass items, you can browse through the following options:

  • Candelabra glass
  • Crystal bowl with lid
  • Crystal cake stand
  • Crystal fruit bowl
  • Crystal rim base
  • Crystal sweety bowl
  • Crystal tealight
  • Crystal vase
  • Deon square.

Gold and Rose Gold

Both gold and rose gold colours are classic hues that fit well in various events. They are beautiful shades that you can never go wrong with which is a great choice for different items in your home such as:

  • Brass bowls
  • Brass coasters
  • Brass goblets and jugs
  • Brass trays
  • Brass urns
  • Gold 3D rectangular frame
  • Gold cut glass hurricane.


Lampshades help protect your eyes from the harsh glare of your light bulbs. They help brighten up a certain corner of your room or a spot on your desk. It also serves as an aesthetic piece in bedside tables and study desks. If you plan to buy one here at Classy Hire, the available products are the following:

  • Black MS shade
  • Cream crystal shade
  • Crystal shade
  • Lampshade black and white box
  • Old gold MS shade
  • Silver MS shade.


Look at your reflection in the most beautiful mirrors found here at Classy Hire such as:

  • Gold framed mirror
  • Round mirror
  • Round white mirror
  • Runner mirror
  • Silver mirror
  • White embossed mirror

Napkin Holder

As their name suggests, napkin holders are where you can safely place your table napkins in one container. They are essential in everyday life especially in the kitchen setting so that you can keep your hands clean at all times. Some of our napkin holders designs can be browsed through here:

  • Clear beaded napkin holder
  • Gold bead napkin ring
  • Gold napkin ring
  • Orange napkin ring
  • Rustic napkin ring
  • Silver napkin ring.


Table runners or simply called runners are pieces of fabric that you can place on your tables which helps organize your dishes in an aligned manner. This adds more colour and texture to your entire table decor, blending well with your beautiful utensils. Uncover intricate designs here:

  • Black runner
  • Blue flower runner
  • Burned orange runner
  • Cream velvet runner
  • Duck egg broad stripe runner
  • Duck egg runner
  • Gold dust MS runner
  • Gold embossed runner
  • Green MS runner
  • Grey runner.


Rustic designs are popular among many customers of Classy Hire because of their natural look, making the entire place more homey and comfortable. For those who are planning to purchase rustic-themed products, here is a glimpse of what you can find on our website:

  • Arch
  • Ball pew stand
  • Birdcage
  • Confetti baskets.

Scatter Cushion

Scatter cushions are described to be small pillows that can be used as home decorations. It’s an affordable option to add more colour and put some pattern to your overall living space. Here at Classy Hire, we have cushions of various sizes from small to large. We also offer some options in basic colours like black, white and gold.


Serviettes look like table napkins that add more flair to your dining table. A few sample designs of serviettes are found here:

  • Black pinstripe serviette
  • Black serviette plain
  • Burgundy serviette
  • Burned orange serviette
  • Cocktail serviette
  • Cream lace serviette
  • Dog Rose serviette
  • Grey dot serviette
  • Christmas rose serviette.


The stands that you can find here at Classy Hire are perfect pillars of support for blackboards or guest lists. Go to our website for more information about them.

Table cloths

Put more sparkle and glam to your dining table by finding the best table cloth designs here at Classy Hire:

  • Black and gold damask
  • Black and gold stripe
  • Black and silver checkered
  • Black and white stripes
  • Black linen
  • Black velvet
  • Broad silver stripe
  • Brown and cream stripe
  • Brown twirl.

Votive holder

Votive holders are perfect for candles with low melting points. They keep the wax from damaging your tables. Find the most aesthetic picks by browsing through our website:

  • Glass colour votive
  • Gold votive
  • Rose gold pattern votive
  • Smoked votive
  • Votive crystal round
  • Votive frosted glass.

White and grey

For a minimalistic yet contemporary look in your home, you can try white and grey pieces. Here are some choices that are available at Classy Hire:

  • Doily plate
  • Doily stand
  • Ginger pot
  • Grey basic vase
  • Grey elephant vase
  • Ikea glass
  • Square plate
  • Vintage vase
  • Watch stand
  • White Aladdin vase.


If you prefer a wood-themed space, explore these amazing and high-quality items mentioned below:

  • Wood candle holder
  • Gold wooden candle holder
  • Wooden block
  • Wooden disc
  • Wooden manikin
  • Wooden plank.