5 simple design tips for a minimalist room

People have different preferences on how they want their rooms to look. Regardless of a person’s style, there is no doubt that people want their rooms to look as neat as possible. This is one of the reasons why minimalism grew widely popular as an aesthetic style. 

A minimalist interior design helps is pleasing to the eye because it isn’t cluttered. As the name suggests, there are only a few items that can be seen in a room that follows this style. This makes it more simple and relaxing to be in. 

As a styling guide, Classy Hire gives people the chance to have minimalist rooms. One factor people love most about minimalism is that it can simply be made by people. Spend some time visualizing the desired outcome and discover how these simple tips may help!


The first step in achieving a minimalist room style is getting rid of unnecessary clutter in a room. By sticking with minimalism, people should always keep in mind that there should only be a few items that are shown. 

Starting with this step also helps people be more organized with their stuff. By choosing which ones are to be kept, they can also be aware of the functional stuff in their rooms. 

Choose a neat colour palette 

Once all clutter has been cleared, people should also choose a neutral colour palette that is pleasing to the eye. Some of the most common colours that people choose are brown, white, and grey. Some people even prefer a monochromatic style. This looks neat at the same time. 

Settling for these colours won’t give people a hard time since these are commonly found in furniture stores. 

Leave some empty spaces 

One of the most important elements in minimalistic decor is empty space. Leaving a vacant space defines the look and makes a room look more spacious. It also emphasizes the cleanliness of the room and the pieces of furniture that were placed all around the area. 

Leaving empty spaces on the wall is also helpful in creating the illusion of space. This works best if there is a natural source of lighting on one side. 

Prioritize having clean lines 

Another characteristic that people love most about minimalism is that it’s easy to look at because the lines are always clean and neat. When choosing furniture, always make sure that the lines will look neat when placed in the room. This may also be applicable in choosing picture frames or shelves you want to use. 

Find accent decorations

Following a minimalist style doesn’t necessarily mean that a room should look plain. There can still be decorations in a minimalist room to add a pop of colour. People can look for wall accents or tabletop decorations so as to make a room stylish. Some popular decorations people usually choose are artworks to be hung on walls, magazines or books to be placed on top of the tables, and plants to be placed in room corners. 

These are just some tips to achieve a minimalist room that will help anyone relax better. Try some of these Classy Hire tips, add some personal touches, and discover how well you’ll love the results!

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